JC Franco
JC Franco

Step 1: Contact 

If you are interested in being a part of the simulation, please email intothecant@gmail.com with the subject line A F F I R M A T I O N

//**Warning**//: deviant subject-lines will be immediately disposed by the program.


Step 2: Incite

After entering the simulation, you will receive an allowance of resources, as well as a small incentive to respond. Please take the time to review what has been allocated to you, for it will become an important part of the simulation. 


Step 3: Interact

Respond as you will, and at your will. The simulation will only run after you have responded. 

//**Warning**//: If you die in the simulation, you will be ejected back into the real-world, and disallowed from the simulation until the next simulation cycle. 


Step 4: Support

Should you find that you enjoy this experience, please consider supporting our cause. 

Current cycle: A F F I R M A T I O N 

Cycles will continue until a stasis has been reached. 

ARCOLOGY+ is a theory-simulation program. On the surface, it is an open-ended role-playing game that requires players to think critically and creatively. It differs from similar types of games in that the ARCOLOGY+ simulation sets its own rules as it collaborates with the subject.

There are a plethora of mechanics at play, however, unlike a table-top or video-game experience, much of the mechanics stay hidden, or abstract from the subject and are handled by a Virtual Intelligence. This allows the subject to think critically about their choices and creates a more organic experience for the subject. ARCOLOGY+ is constantly undergoing tests and re-structures to ensure the best experiences for all involved.



The simulation begins as you awake in the Dystopian future on a trawler scanning a vast waste-land. The Trawler's AI manages to save you and your inventory, but a bit of amnesia's set in from whatever caused you to pass-out in the first place. What do you do?