The Rook is a Cerillian designed Swift Class cruiser vessel–also known as a Mouser*–custom designed and fabricated by the Rizjid Craft Corporation for relatively well-off members of high society. Its pilot cabin has a captain's chair, a navigator's chair, and several auxiliary panels that can switch between operations; Its main compartments consist of several bunk-rooms designed for comfort, a spacious engineering and maintenance quarter, an observation deck, a common area, and a small cargo chamber that doubles as the ship's main access point. The Rook's previous owner operated the vessel as a privately contractable space ferry and retrofitted the ship with several modifications. His renovations and revisions allow the Rook to surpass many of its contemporaries by leagues in the realms of technology and efficiency. 


First and Foremost, the wall between the ship's cargo bay and common area has been torn down and replaced with a holographic communications module (and wet bar) built by the Estatke Electronics Corporation. The Security system has been replaced with an amalgamation of technology produced by several companies associated with the Golden Horde. The Ship's Virtual Intelligence system is Vodyani and works in tandem with the Rhakani biometric tethering found in the ship's security systems. A cloaking module can be found on the ship's auxilliary systems, but its system does not appear on scans. Perhaps one of the most prominent changes to the ship however was the replacement of the ship's gravitational fibbers and life support apparatuses with prototype models of unknown origins. Readings can only suggest theoretical equations. In fact, despite all of these revisions, external scans of the ship reveal only aesthetic changes. 


Communications Suite. Deck 4. Build 43v_2. Designated User, welcome, Cole-99

Ability Scores

ST [ 12 ]

DX [ 10 ]

IQ [ 14 ]

HT [ 10 ]

Body Stats

HP [ indestructible ]
Tons are extremely susceptible to temperature extremes and do better in colder environments.

Will [ 14 ]

Perception [ 14 ]

Speed [ 5.5 ]

Dodge [ Calculated Dodge ]

Combat Stats

Automaton Exo-Suite [ Damage Reduction: 10 ]
Tons are indestructible, but can be disabled through other means
Total Resistance to Laser/Light Damage

JL8 Light Blaster [ 2d+2 piercing ] [ Accuracy 2 ] [ 6 shots/cell ]
 Melee [ 1d-1 thrust ] [ 1d+2 swing ]


Calculated Dodge [ 10 ]
Calculated Shooting [ 13 ]
Movement Efficiency [ 12 ]

Galactic Politics [ 12 ] 
Uncanny Insight [ 12 ]
Computers [ 13 ]
Electronics [ 13 ]
First Aid [ 10 ]
Influencing (Diplomacy) [ 12 ]
Eternal Archive [ 15 ]