JC Franco
JC Franco

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Hello. My name is Juan-Carlos Franco. 




I am an art director, designer, and practicing artist originally from the Philippines, but I now live in the Midwest. I'm working on a project to collect alternative Asian American experiences in one place. That is, creative content by:


1. Those Asians who live in America who don't feel as if they fit a mold, whether created by their initial culture, society, community, etc. 

2. Those Asians who carry personal issues of identity due to displacement ( i.e. not feeling like they know where they belong; not feeling attached to their cultural heritage, or their current context ) 

3. Those Asians who are slowly coming to terms with those other 2 items, and finding their identity and confidence amidst the chaos of our contexts.

4. Those Asians who are searching for number 3.  


I am hoping this effort culminates in an editorial piece that I can redistribute to the collaborators, as well as those who appreciate the project and are willing to pay for the cost of printing / hosting (perhaps a magazine, digital or traditional). 

While profits are not an intended aspect of this endeavor, any profits garnered by this magazine will be redistributed among collaborators.

I will be collecting creative content ( Photography, Visual Art, Poetry, Prose, Journalism, Recipes, Designs, Songs, Messages, anything created by Asian Americans ... ) until AUGUST 17, 2018

If you are interested in collaborating another way, or aiding in the administration/curation of this project, please contact me! 

If you would like to participate in this project, please email me at: 


The Following is my mood-board for this project.