JC Franco
JC Franco

A Full Report on the Aramante Region
Exp. Lucarne Emiliana Pio

Far to the north and past the peaks of the Gryffin's Run lies one of Mørda's greatest mysteries. A forest controlled by magical anomalies that wander like nomads, spreading life, and leaving paths of decay wherever they go. These lands are known to the Kossics as Aramante. But to the elven way-finders that make this place their native home, it is known as Karakyoom, meaning: The Hell-Paths. 

Major Powers


The Familyé Aramanté

Hailing from Kossia, The Aramanté Family [or simply, the Family] was one of the first colonizers of this land. They established the settlement of Nos Aramante at the confluence of the Seguro and Piave rivers. There, they created a base of operations for exploration and pioneering which quickly grew into a thriving small city, known as Hero's Landing

The Noble House of Corvino-Madras

Allies of the Aramanté family, the House of Corvino-Madras [or simply, the House] has begun to settle in south-central regions of the Massive forest. Heavily industrial, they have made quick work of taming the region's resources: Erecting dams, establishing døst-dredging operations, and building a city on lake Taal. Here they convene with elven clan-leaders,  attempting to assimilate them into Civilized culture. 


Centipede Army

To the south-west of the Aramante region, where the Seguro Delta empties into the Idric sea, a legion of Crucible Veterans have established a settlement. Every week they lead raids into the Elven forests, carving paths of death on those who might stand in their way. Though cordial through diplomacy, their war-minded ways are late for change. 


Wayfinder Elf Clans


Notched Leaf Clan

Head Clan

Bleeding Foots Clan